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The Flowers are out 🌺🌸🌺

Migarda - The Thorny Devil

Did you know that capillaries found in their skin allows for water to be captured and funnelled through its mouth via interconnected channels surrounding their scales

Eucalyptus Leaf under microscope 

I am always fascinated by plants, right down to their basic cell structures. This image of the eucalyptus was my inspiration for my artwork, “Eucalyptus Leaf”.

Pembertonia latisquamea

This pretty flower is endemic to the Shark Bay region 



This cute little fella can be found wandering around the streets and surrounding bush of Denham, Shark Bay.

My Land

Pigram Brothers

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The Pigram Brothers from Broome have been a favourite of mine for many years.

Barney - Goanna

The goanna is my totem. Sometimes called sand monitor’s or racehorse goannas. There are 25 species of goanna in Northern and Eastern parts of Australia. 

Photo: Courtesy of Robert McFarlane

Chorizema Cordatum


Gutharraguda - two waters

Shark Bay - Home to the Malgana people

Yalibidi - Emu

Emu’s are  often found wandering around Shark Bay’s  town precinct.