About Me

My Name is Tiahna Oxenham. I belong to the Malgana,  Nyul Nyul, Yawuru  Aboriginal nations of Australia.

I chose to call my website Jurida Designs in honour of my G-G-Grandmother, a Yamatji woman from the Shark Bay region of north Western Australia. Although I have an affinity with my Indigenous families and country further north in Broome, Shark Bay has a special place in my heart.

My small portfolio of contemporary artworks and photographs are a way for me to express my love of nature, culture and Country. It is also an opportunity for me to share the experiences I’ve had working in mentoring roles with youth.

As an Environmental Science student, I have a passion for knowledge of everything related to plants, right down to their cellular levels. This passion (when I have found the time) I’ve transferred into my art creations. With each piece I’ve incorporated both Western and Indigenous knowledge to reflect how I see the world - an amalgamation of who I am as an Indigenous woman and the world in which I live.