Eucalyptus Leaf

Inspired by the X-Section of the Eucalyptus Leaf
Acrylic on Canvas

When studying at Melbourne University, I was commissioned by the University and the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC) to create an artwork that could be transferred onto t-shirts for the Residential Indigenous Science Experience (RISE) Camp in 2018.

The Vacuole

Acrylic Pen on Wood

I was asked to design an art piece for my younger sister’s school for NAIDOC Week 2019.  In order to give all the students in Year 4 a turn at painting I created an artwork based on the ‘Vacuole’ - the storage bubbles found within plant cells.


Acrylic on Canvas
cm x cm
Artwork was inspired by the native flora of Australia and how they have evolved to the harsh environment. Bushfires are triggers to activate their adaptation to rejuvenate . This rejuvenation is called  epicormic growth.


Acrylic on Canvas
22.86 x 30.48cm

This artwork was inspired by the sea grass meadows of Shark Bay.

Barney/Barnka (Goanna)

For Pop Jim x

Acrylic on Clay

I created this piece for my Pop Jim. I wanted to create a piece that has special significance to me. As the goanna is my totem, I felt it was a perfect gift to give to him.

Buyungurra (Turtle)

Acrylic on Clay

Shark Bay is home to more than 6,000 marine turtles and is one of Australia's most important nesting areas. The turtle is one of my favourite creatures.


Watercolour on Paper

Our lives are forever connected to our family members - past, present and future generations. This artwork is a visual representation of my familial connections - a line of relationships that will continue to exist long after I am gone.


Watercolour on Paper

Contemporary Aboriginal Art

Similar to my Descendants piece, this artwork represents the future generations of my family just waiting to be born.


 Watercolour on Paper

Whenever I travel back home I am always inspired by the vivid colours of the Bay - where the red sands of the desert meet the sea.

Tidal Rivers

Watercolour on Paper

Wirriya Barraja

The Wirriya Barraja (Saltwater Country) series was inspired by my homelands, Guthaagudu (Two Waters) - Shark Bay, Western Australia

Wuduru Barraja

(Heart Country)

Aboriginal people have a deep spiritual connection to their Country. When I talk about my Homelands, I always say that Shark Bay (Guthaagudu – Two Waters) is my Wuduru Barraja (Heart Country). This artwork is a representative of the different shades and hues of Country as you travel inland out towards the coastal plains – where the desert meets the sea. And overlapping those colours I’ve painted cross sections of the sandalwood tree which shares a long history with our people. 



The Wanyu (Acacia) or wattle plant is found throughout the Wulyibidi (Peron Peninsula) and Monkey Mia regions of Guthaagudu – Two Waters (Shark Bay). This artwork depicts the colour of the flowers which I’ve overlapped with the seeds of the Wattle tree. 

Wirriya Jalyanu

(Sea Grass)

The vast Wirriya Jalyanu (Sea Grass) meadows that are found throughout the shallow waters of the Bay are home to many marine species, including the large dugong populations that live along the coast year-round. This artwork depicts the seeds of the seagrass that are often found floating on the ocean’s surface. 


(Peron Peninsula)

When camping on Country and looking out to the shallow waters off Wulyibidi (Peron Peninsula) during low tide, I often see the imprints on the ocean floor left by stingrays and shovel-nose sharks that had rested for a while on the seafloor. This artwork depicts those imprints that I see through the clear ocean waters, not only at Wulyibidi but all along the coastal shores of Guthaagudu – Two Waters (Shark Bay). 


(Everlasting Daisy )

Being a huge fan of wildflower season, this artwork draws on the vivid colours of the Birlirung (Everlasting Daisy) which can be found throughout the Guthaagudu – Two Waters (Shark Bay) region. 

Wooden Carvings